Vincent Marr's Smokehouse

Vincent Marr - World Class Salmon Smoker

There is no doubt te key to the Marrbury Smoked salmon is the hand production by Vincent himself. Born to a life of "Net and Coble" fishing, it has been in his blood since he was a small child.
To this day, Vincent still smokes the salmon for prestigious clients such as the Strathearn Restaurant at Gleneagles _ indeed! 2 Michelin star chef Andrew Fairlie proclaims it as "The best smoked Salmon in the world." Chefs love Marrbury as it is simply easy to carve.

First of all, Vincent cures his salomon in dry salt. Large crystals of salt are individually placed on each filllet of salmon to give a clean cure right down to the skin.

After salting a drying period- which changes according to climate and humidity - the fish are put by hand into our kilns where they are very gently smoked over smouldering whisky cask chippings and juniper berries.

Again. in the wee sma'hours. Vincent's personal production means he is often in the smokehouse through the night ensuring that demand is met daily.

Once smoked, our fish are carved- again, only by vincent. He does in fact own a slicing whizard, but to this day he carves every single pack by hand. Can you imagine in the weeks leading up to Christmas, how many packs he slices!? Only Ruby is allowed into the smokehouse to assist with packing

The same personal attention goes with everything which Vincent produces. Whether it's smoked local cheddar, or delicate scallops - his craft is truly unique. From the sea to the packet of plate by one man - hence why programmes such as ITV's Countrywise Kitchen and Channel 4's La Dolce Vita featuerd this amazing process.

From royalty to movie stars, humble cafes to Michelin star restaurants - Marrbury is indeed world class.

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